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What's New at StoneSeeker

March 09, 2002 Added Lake City climbs.
March 08, 2002 Added ability to comment and correct routes by "drawing" on the pictures.
Feb 15, 2002 The site has moved servers.
September 26, 2001 Added Second Buttress, North Bank, and Rosy Lane Buttress to Taylor Canyon.
August 1, 2001 Updated Hartmans to new route picture style.
July 3, 2001 Added Corrections from John Hulett on many climbs.
February 8, 2001 Site now allows users to log in and enter comments/ratings per climb.
November 9, 2000 Completed First Buttress Right of Taylor Canyon.
October 17, 2000 Completed First Buttress Left and Left Hand Crack areas of Taylor Canyon. Learned much about easier image manipulation
July 20, 2000 Revamped XSL and CSS to make site vastly simpler
July 18, 2000 Took pictures for Taylor Canyon area
July 15, 2000 Completed Hartmans Rocks Area
June 21, 2000 Completed new layout of the site. It is now completely driven by XML and Cocoon
Feb 15, 2000 First attempt at site. Uses Java Servlets and custom XML class library