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StoneSeeker Credits

Stoneseeker would like to thank the following people for their help in this endeavor. There are a growing number but each of them has provided valuable information, time, and /or moral support. These are not in any order.

Doug Scott

Author of "High Country Stone" provided information about climbs in Taylor Canyon, most importantly, the right side of the first buttress, and generally solidified the route names in the collective mind of the Gunnison climbing community.

Ryan Cown

Ryan has done a great job on the free printout of climbs available at Rock and Roll Sports in Gunnison.

John Hulett

John provided lots of first ascent information and numerous corrections.

Pike Howard

Besides giving information about old and new routes, Pike has also climbed with me and shown me many of them.

Phil Broskovak

Phil has shown interest and enthusiasm, given many corrections, first ascent information and provided pictures.

Josh Brown, Bob Klaw, Josh Wheeler

These three have been good friends and climbing partners, have slung Makers Mark, provided free medical care, and generally pushed my limits.