Systems Analysis

Systems Analysis in the context of Computer Science, means understanding and dealing with complexity. The system can be something in the real world we want to model, a business process or structure we want to automate, or a software system we want to modify. As a consultant, I have helped companies analyze and understand these systems in order to open new revenue opportunities. Often, this is the most difficult aspect of any undertaking.

Business Consultation
Every project begins with a consultation to define the business case. Everything that is done will be linked back to the revenue opportunity the case represents, so it is crucial that there's full agreement on why your business is undertaking a project.
The requirements phase is closely linked to the business case because it is the natural next step. Stoneseeker can produce anything from a simple overview of the projects functional goals to a formal and complete requirements document. The goal is to work within your development culture. For large projects, it's useful to formally describe what is functionally expected from a system, and the software and hardware parameters within which it will run.
Requirements Documents, Functional Specifications, code documentation, user documentation, white papers; all are important communications mechanisms. They are useful tools in organizing thoughts as well as facts. I can produce professional, thorough documentation for any of the development steps it's involved in as well as back-documenting existing systems.