Stoneseeker Experience

I have worked with companies in a variety of fields providing Architectural Design, Implementation, and System Administration services.

As Vice President of Technology at 24/7 Media, I headed up the design and implementation of an advertisement serving system for a large network of affiliate web sites. The system is a cluster of services made available on a high volume, high availability basis implemented in Java, C++, and Oracle SQL and was designed to take advantage of the nascent distributed advertising business opportunity.

I have also created numerous smaller footprint media servers for use by smaller companies. These have been implemented in Java, with a variety of back-ends from simple XML based object storage system to Java Data Objects (JDO) and mysql.

Financial Services
As Director of Development at Portfolio Accounting World Wide, a subsidiary of Checkfree, I lead the team creating the first web based brokerage and retail financial services system. I brought my background in financial systems to bear allowing the retail clients of brokerage firms to trade securely and track their investments, performance, and history. The system used a combination of C++, HTML, Sybase Transact-SQL, and APL under AIX.

Web Publishing
For Robocast Inc, I designed and created a J2EE based system for automatically playing, editing and controlling web-page slide shows. The shows can be dynamically created from search results, Email accounts, or lists of URLS culled from web pages. The system provides detailed event tracking, context sensitive advertising placement, automated client billing, end user customization features, and multiple deployment options including HTML/JavaScript, WAP, Pocket IE, and a Java based client.

Stoneseeker published a web based rock climbing guidebook to the Gunnison area. The site uses an XML/XSL content management system (Apache Cocoon) to style data held in XML files and a MySQL database. The data is styled in different ways allowing a booklet to be printed generated from the same data.

I consulted on the business case as well as software design and proof of concept implementation with a company that is creating a self-publishing web based product in the Denver Area. The product uses Java on the server and client side as well as Javascript.

As a high school mathematics teacher, I created and taught the first programming course modelled after the Programming AP at a semi-rural highschool. I also created lesson plans and taught five highschool level classes.

I produced a Functional and Architectural Specification document for a highly interactive game based community web site for a large game company. The system was designed as a series of data objects and services described using DTDs.

For, an intellectual game site, I interfaced with Sales and Marketing and developed created web-based games and applications using object oriented design principles.

System Administration / Technical
I provided system administration in various capacities for Internet Colorado, an ISP, including installing and configuring Linux based systems. Internet Colorado was facing an increasing number of servers and complexity and I helped them automate systems like backups, system alerts, and setting up user environments for a growing web hosting environment.

As part of a project with, I created a generic URI based query language for SQL databases using JDBC. The system takes a hierarchical view of an SQL database and querys it in a manner similar to XPATH statements. It is used within Session Beans deployed using WebSphere.

Unix based system administration is a core competence. The development environment I prefer is Linux, CVS, ant, Emacs etc. I am very comfortable with all aspects of Unix system administration from Solaris, to AIX, to Irix, to Linux.