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Gods Crag, from the road
Gods Crag, from the road
Lake City is south of Gunnison Colorado in the San Juan mountains near the Uncompagre Range. It's actually in Hinsdale county, but close enough to warrant discussion. Generally cold and snowy until late spring, it makes a great mid-summer destination for rock and a popular destination for ice-climbing if you like that sort of thing. Stoneseeker currently has a few of the climbs on Gods Crag (see directions below). There has been a LOT of bolting activity in this area and as soon as we can get more pictures, more of the routes will go up. An excellent (free) guide is available at Rock and Roll Sports in Gunnison collected and written by Ryan and Joanna Cowen from which much of this information comes.

How to get there

From Gunnison, go west on highway 50. Just before you get to Blue Mesa resevoir will be a left turn over a bridge. This is highway 149 which you will follow for about 45 miles to Lake City. Once in the town of Lake City, you want to get to the road to Engineer Pass, AKA Henson Creek road, AKA #2. From highway 50, turn right on 3rd street, go 2 blocks (as far as you can go) and turn left. This road turns into Henson Creek road. Set your odometer here, at about 7.2 miles you will come to a pull out on you right and Gods Crag (see picture above) will be visible on your right. The trail, which starts right at the pull out, winds around up the steep hill. It starts to go way right. Stick with it, it DOES come back to the base of the cliff and is MUCH easier (and creates less erosion) than going directly up.

There are a few things you will pass on the way out on Henson creek. There is an old mining town, very interesting views of old dilapidated heavy mining equipment and shacks. You will also pass some trailheads for backpackers heading for Uncompagre peak as well as signs indicating you're moving in and out of public lands. The map below shows Gods Crag. You will be approaching on foot from the right at the base of the large cliff. You'll come to the front side first. As you come around the corner, you'll see the waterfall first, an inspiring view.

Map of Gods Crag
Map of Gods Crag